Our setups are equipped with Sunstone Circuits electronic boards.

Bluefors Cryostat


In our Buefors LD-250 7 mK dilution refrigerator we perform multi-probe measurements using precision tunneling, scanning SQUID, and optics. We probe quantum phases under stresses and image how these phases evolve on a microscopic scale. This is an ultra-low temperature, ultra-sensitive setup with advanced environmental noise isolation.

Montana Cryostat

 Montana Instrumentation Montana Instrumentation Montana Instrumentation

Montana Instruments Fusion is a closed cycle 3 Kelvin table-top closed-cycle refrigerator, which hosts our quick turnaround scanning SQUID microscope. We perform experiments on unconventional superconductors, quantum magnets, topological matter, and on superconducting quantum electronics.

Oxford Heliox TL

Heliox SetupHeliox SetupHeliox Setup

Our Helium Recovery System is a 10 Tesla 300 mK cryostat used for tunneling and electronic transport experiments. The system is equipped with two fast loading sample probes cooled through a load-lock port even when the cryostat is filled with liquid helium. Sample rotation is available (vector field). The cryostat is connected to our helium recovery system.

Helium Recovery System

Pump room instrumentsPump room instrumentsPump room instrumentsPump room instrumentsPump room instrumentsPump room instrumentsPump room instruments

We have very recently installed two ATL-160 Quantum Design systems allowing for up-to 5 large-scale cryostats to be operated with all helium being captured back.